Monday, December 7, 2009

Review: The Terrestria Chonicles

Product/Book Name: Terrestria Chronicles, Books 1-7
by Ed Dunlop
Ages: 10 and up
Price: $7.99 per softcover book or $47.99 for the series
Put out by: Ed Dunlop


Now, if you read my blog regularly, you will remember that I wrote about The Tales from Terrestria about a month ago -here. I don't want to lose you here, but this series; The Terrestria Chronicles are the original series on which the Tales from Terrestria are based. The Terrestria Chronicles are a set of 7 books about young Josiah, who is taken prisoner by the evil Argamor. When he finds himself deeper and deeper in trouble, King Emmanuel sets him free and actually adopts him into his own family. With knights, castles, and dragons, this series is sure to keep the attention of any child (or adult!). All 7 books continue Josiah's travels as he prepares for the return of the king.

These books are a clear allegory of the struggles of Christians to live as a child of their Heavenly King. The one thing I said several times in my previous review of Ed Dunlop's work, although the books are allegory - they are so clear! That is the problem with allegory -sometimes writers get so allegorical, you can't even remember what they are allegorizin'. It is clearly an encouragement to young Christians, and clearly an admonishment to fight for right, and to stand firm in their faith. So many teachable moments in these books!

My FAVORITE thing is the study guide that goes along with this series! We are using the Study Guide to turn these books into a family Bible time. It forces students to apply the book to their own lives with questions such as; What weapons are being used today by our enemy to destroy lives and families? Just incredible from a Biblical teaching perspective, but also academically to break down an allegory and apply it - higher level thinking. Daniel and Gracie (soon to be 7 and 9) got lost occasionally, (hence the 10 and up age suggestion), but I believe this series can be read aloud and worked through with younger children 6-10 as well.

These books are going to be a valuable part of our reading (and Bible) curriculum for a long time. They are probably the best choice for a family read-aloud I have seen in a long time! You can get free shipping AND the study guide free (normally $5.99) if you order by the 20th, and these books would make an excellent Christmas gift! I highly recommend this series! I have had several people ask me recently about books to hold the interest of boys - this would be at the top of that list - lots of action and adventure.

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