Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book Review: The Quest for Thunder Mountain


The Quest for Thunder Mountain is the first book in the Tales from Terrestria series. The Tales from Terrestria are a companion series to the Terrestria Chronicles. Look for my review of that entire 7 book series in early December. The kids and I are really loving these books and going through the accompanying parent/teacher activities as we go through them together. What a great Christmas present these books would be!

Gracie is due to read Pilgrim's Progress next Spring, and frankly I've been dreading it a bit. Not to knock the great John Bunyan, but I think Pilgrim's Progress is going to pale in comparison to the Quest for Thunder Mountain. Both are clear allegories, both show the journey of a young man to find the will of God. Quest for Thunder Mountain is just so clear. The struggles the character faces are so apparent. Pilgrim's Progress is a great classic - but sometimes a little difficult to apply. It's like the Quest for Thunder Mountain goes further. I love the way Ed Dunlop highlights the daily provision of God - and lots of neat little things that go beyond Pilgrim's Progress. In the beginning, the characters don't know if they will like the will of God (or King Emmanuel in the book), but by the end, they see that that his will was the perfect plan.

The book is written for children, and the language although accessible, is on a higher reading level. I think children 9 and up will enjoy it, but younger ones would enjoy hearing it aloud. Eventually, there will be 7 books in this Terrestria Tales series. One thing I like about this series, they are stand alone tales and can be read in any order. I believe the first four are available on the website.

Ally's favorite part was when the main character Gavin tried to rescue his traveling companion and he has to sneak into the enemy castle. She liked the action and suspense, but also the message that we cannot do things under our own power. When Gavin failed under his own strength, he had to rescue her with Emmanuel's help. He could clearly see how much easier it would have been if he had just listened in the first place.

We all liked the way the instructions from King Emmanuel came from the small voice of a dove. The main character could offer petitions to the King, which gives prayer a place in the allegory. We completely loved this book! It should be a classic for all Christian families - and a great addition to your Christmas list!

Ages: 10 and up

Price: $7.99

Put out by: Ed Dunlop Ministries

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