Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knights and Castles

Gracie and her friend Anna got a little carried away making dog bisquits in the kitchen. They sure made a mess, but the dog bisquits are cute. The girls tried them and said they taste alot like communion waffers.
Daniel hung out in the knight section at the library and came home with ALL KINDS of books on knights and castles. I wasn't planning to go into a study of such things at this point, but I think sometimes with boys you have to use their motivations. He has plenty of motivations right now, and they can easily be channeled into an educational idea or topic.

Dad helped alot making all the knight stuff out of cardboard.
He also made a castle out of a box. So, that's where all the tape went! That boy uses more tape! Daniel and his friend Andrew had some great battles with it. Makes all the Christmas shopping seem kind of ridiculous. Who needs Christmas presents and new toys when you have cardboard boxes and tape? There is nothing like the creative playing that comes from making something yourself. I love to make him figure it out too, how to construct or design something, learning from his mistakes. Gotta love that creative learning!

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