Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas around the world and a Way Easy Meal

For our homeschool study of Christmas around the world, today we "traveled" to Sweden, and Ally, dressed as St. Lucia -as the oldest daughter does in Sweden, brought Gracie and Daniel breakfast of cinnamon buns and hot chocolate. Sorry, I forgot the pictures. Each day we stamp our passports:
We learn about a country and their Christmas traditions, eat their food, and we make a craft. Today we made Lucia wreaths, except Daniel who thought that was kind of a girly craft project. On the 13th, as is Swedish tradition we will eat pudding, and whoever gets the almond with determine who gets to pass out the Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas. Ally is taking the lead on this creative project, researching, planning food and crafts, dressing up as a native of the land to be visited, and telling us about her country.

You know how it is when you discover a great, long lost kitchen tool? I found my Pampered Chef press and seal today. I used to use it a lot to make fun uncrustables pb&j's for my kids, but somehow they feel they have "outgrown" pb&j's, so it hasn't been used in a while. So, tonight we made some super easy empanadas, which fit in well because tomorrow we will travel to Mexico (pretend-like) for our homeschool study of Christmas around the world. These empanadas had no resemblence to Mexican food, however. Brown ground beef and pour in spaghetti sauce -
Cut out circles from pie crust or pizza dough.
Fill, add cheese, and press and seal. Perfect meal for a kid to make! This meal goes on the list of meals to be entirely made by kids 8 and up. I love that list, and it is growing! We are working that into to my chore list, 2 meals a week to be entirely prepared and cleaned up by children! Yea! Viva La Independence!

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