Monday, December 7, 2009

Great Books!

What a great book review week! The 2 best series the kids and I have experienced in a long time, both reviewed on the same day! You must know that I get to choose our reviews, which explains why I love, love, (most of the time) the books we are asked to review. The kids are really enjoying putting their input in as I review a book! They are becoming excellent critics.

In the meantime, school is trucking on - and we have been making candles, making bubble gum, making all kinds of craft projects, making big fires in the fireplace, and making lots of messes in the kitchen. The kids are taking advantage of all the cool kid's workshop projects at Lowe's and Home Depot to make LOTS of cool Christmas presents (sorry Grandma). Lowe's will have workshops the next two Saturdays in December from 10-11am.

Ally and her friend Bethany made really nasty blue bubblegum and decided that they will only chew sugar free gum from now on - there's a lot of sugar in gum!

I have almost finished my shopping for Christmas. I have been finding some neat deals like this one from Hallmark, good for $5.00 off any purchase. I printed my coupon and went and bought a stocking stuffer for about $6 - (only paid $1 for those of you who are slow). I do have a thing for those stocking stuffers! It appears you can print this Hallmark coupon several times, too. Sears and Bealls have both had similar coupons for $10 last month. It is a good deal if it says no minimum purchase!

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