Friday, December 6, 2013

Barn progress

Our barn is turning out great!  Byron is almost done with the tricky stuff - climbing around on the roof to get all the metal on!
We'll eventually have a great space for storing stuff and room for a shop for Byron.
Byron took some time off from work to really get it finished up and it FLOODED for the entire time. 
This is a great picture that I took before he was done with the top.  It's all enclosed and dried in now, and ready for colder temperatures. 
Our dog LOVES to come with me to pick kids up from school.  I let her get in the back of the truck and she runs errands and hangs out with me a lot in the afternoons.  Until this happened.  She started climbing on the top of the toolbox and peering out over the cab when I was going around 75mph!  She was up there shaking, crying, and couldn't get down.  I pulled over and got her down, but I think her short little dog years passed before her eyes there for a minute. 
Hope you all are having a warm and happy December!  We are in the middle of a Texas ice storm today, so everyone is curled up and cozy inside.  Blessings!

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