Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's just one of those busy, busy seasons.  All of my creativity and my time has gone into many projects, teaching Spanish, and keeping up with the kids.  This blog, obviously, has taken a serious backseat.  :(
Ally's volleyball team is headed to the playoffs.  She is #5 there.  Bad picture, I know.  We are all kind of ready for basketball season.  A season we are blessed NOT to take an athletic interest in.  We can regroup, rest, and restore.  Family time and the holidy season will be much anticipated without rushing off to practices and games constantly. 
Yes, our dog just might be cooler than your dog.  We have had a constant period of huge rains.  Just over 6 inches last week and our whole property is MUDDY and this dog has been my #1 enemy of late.  Picture muddy dog tracks leading in paths all over my floors.  Ugh.  Why an inside dog?
This is what most of our property looks like right now.  The horses are a couple hands taller with so much mud on their hooves and everything is tracked up and nasty.  Byron was just beginning to disk up the back pasture area and smooth it out, so it is particularly bad back there, but we are hoping for a good crop of grass before it gets cold and we have to start buying hay.
Byron has almost finished the barn roof.  He intended to make more progress, but all the rain put a serious kink in his plans. 
Ally and grandad watching football.  Our highschool team is headed to the play-offs -probably that will be going on until December so it will be awhile before that is done, but Daniel's pee wee season ends this week.  He gets to play in Cowboy's stadium this weekend - his last game.
This is what it is like to go anywhere with a group of teenagers.  Ridiculous.  We've started declaring many media-free days and nights lately - an absolute necesity for any family.  Eye-contact has become a lost artform. 
But, you know we are hip and we embrace the modern.  We can do duck lips selfies with the rest of them. 
 I'll try my best to get a few more blog posts in before the year end.  Got that big 16th birthday coming up in only a month - and lots of holiday plans to put together.  Fun times!

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