Monday, September 30, 2013


We've had some minor milestones around here lately.  Gracie lost her last baby tooth tonight.  Now she can make room for the full-on braces on top and bottom.  Crazy to think she'll be 13 and Ally will be 16 in just a few months.

Daniel the Duck Commander.  How can 1 TV series inspire so many dress up events?
I remember when they were little and a doctor visit meant me pulling out all the stops to keep them entertained.  Now, free doctor's office wifi and I don't even hear a peep out of them.  Gracie had crazy sock day this day btw.
The new school year means we return to our crazy Wednesday youth nights.  Our new stage lights are fashioned out of white air filters and black duct tape.  Pretty cool looking though, huh?  You can tell by the picture, this is the girl's side - we always divide them up - less distraction.
And... we learned to Snapchat - and mastered the fine art of the duck lips too.  We are just too hip.  In case you are old - Snapchat is a not really so new method of communication - texting in pictures with an app on your phone.  Not so revolutionary, really.  The catch is that the pictures are sent and when received they disappear within a few seconds.  It seems harmless enough, but it also gives teenagers a faulty sense of security - they often send pictures that are more risque - feeling that since it can only be viewed a few seconds, it's okay.  The problem (aside from the obvious purity issues) is - you can quickly screen shot the picture (that means take a quick picture with your phone - for you old people).  And...I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a scandal someday and we're gonna learn that all the disappearing Snapchat photos are really going to some creepy app creator guy somewhere.  In that case, Mr. Creepy Snapchat guy,  I apologize for all the odd pictures we've sent into your cyberspace inbox.  We had fun sending Ally some crazy Snapchats.  She especially appreciated those of Byron's armpit.  
On a totally unfunny note - it really is important to get all into the methods of communication and online involvement your kids are into - for parents and grandparents alike!  It just changes the way students look at their online activity when Grandma might pop into the conversation at any moment.  You'd be surprised how many kids are snapchatting - especially younger kids with ipods.  And besides, who doesn't love to see a good picture with some duck lips or a bathroom mirror pic with the toilet in the background?  

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Quiltingranny said...

I love your lighting idea, how cool!
We are off the the world of braces end of this month as well. The waiting for that final tooth to fall and the new ones to come in has been an ordeal for our girl! I love the idea of separating girls from boys in youth classes as they are such a distraction for each other at this age.
Thanks for sharing!