Friday, December 6, 2013


Is November really over?  No way!  This year has been crazy.  We have got to slow down.  December means we will have a 16 year old and a 11 year old.  And shortly after that in early January, Gracie turns 13!  We are very close to having a house full of OUR OWN teenagers instead of everyone else's.
Byron has lost almost 50 pounds.  He LOVES to cook Thanksgiving food and snack and eat on it for days after.  So, we knew we didn't need to do that this year.  So, we decided to run a Turkey Trot 5K in Arlington. 
We've wanted to do this for several years, but just haven't.  But, boy, was it cold.  It was 34 degrees when we started running.  We are all wearing several layers in this picture. 
We warmed up as we ran, though and we all had a really fun time.  The kids couldn't wait to do it again, and we certainly learned a lot. 
Byron and I went on a romantic overnight date on our anniversary.  We celebrated 22 years of awesomeness.  I love him more today than ever.  We were not, however terribly impressed with cooking our own raw meat at Simply Fondue.  It seemed like a cool idea, but we didn't like it.
We walked around Fort Worth and had a great time.
My main squeeze.
Our anniversary weekend always coincides with the Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth.  Such a fun city to walk around and hang out. 

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