Monday, May 27, 2013


We've had SO much going on!  Daniel had his field day.  He ran so hard, he ran out of his shoe.

We had a fun time riding go-carts and watching Epic at the theater. 
Gracie and Daniel had not ridden go-carts alone, but they are finally both tall enough.  Both of the girls placed in the top 2 in their classes and got a trophy or plaque for that.  They got a lot of other awards too.  Daniel hasn't had his awards day just yet.

Ally went to state competition for writing.  She got to go for 2 1/2 days  to compete.  I went with her and we had a great time.  She only wrote a couple of hours, so we had lots of time to shop and play.

Including, eating at her choice, Noodles & company.  She didn't end up placing, but she took and interesting slant on the topic and ended up with a good paper.  However, her slant didn't support the more traditional (and expected) approach to the environmental topic she was given.  Given she was writing this paper in the "tree-hugger" capital of Texas, maybe this was a freshman mistake.  Gotta consider the audience, you know.

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