Monday, May 27, 2013


We attended a wedding this weekend.  One of our sweet former students and her awesome husband who both have helped us in our ministry.  Gracie enjoyed the horse-drawn carriage and seating on haybales.  She says she'd like to get married in a barn, and have the bridesmaids lead horses.  Secretly, though, she says, the bridesmaids would actually BE the horses.  Her future husband requirements include riding ability high on the list.

Miss Ally's future husband is another story in itself.  When you encourage your children to set crazy high standards, you'd better be prepared to do lots of praying.  He's gonna have to be a God-filled world changer - others need not apply. 

Daniel was unimpressed.  Cake.  Trees to climb.  But for our girls, at this age, a wedding is a great opportunity to reminisce about mom and dad's standards, wedding, and marriage, and to begin fine-tuning that list of criteria a future young man must live up to.  Good thoughts for the future.  So many Godly families have children who grow into adulthood and compromise their purity.  It's a topic we can't talk about enough, I pray that that they would see the fruits of our choices in our marriage.

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