Monday, May 27, 2013


Spring always makes me itch for creating, planting, blooming.  I made some fun corsages for some of our students for prom.
Purchasing a prom corsage is the biggest rip off in the world.  Corsages generally go for around $30-40.  I buy a bundle or 2 of roses and I am able to make a whole bunch of corsages. 

I love having plants around the house I can cut and bring in to enjoy.  I try to keep a vaseful in the house.  We have the most wonderful ancient rosebush that produces incredible long stem yellow roses. 

I've been seeing these poofy wreaths around and I thought of my mama.  She likes a little bling, this was a gift for her birthday.  After the wreath was done, I wrapped in a strand of battery operated flower lights. 

More corsages.  I've been pretty busy working at the kid's schools lately, but when summer comes, I have quite the crafty do-list.  Maybe I can also step up the blogging and share some of my projects with you!  ;) 

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