Monday, November 5, 2012

Go-Ins On

Daniel's PeeWee Football team won their playoff game and will advance to what we call the Super Bowl.  It's really just our division championship, but it's a pretty big deal.
Daniel and his daddy, who is also his coach.
Gracie has really made a ton of progress with Saxie.  She has set up a jump for her, and she is doing great.  She is galloping everywhere.
 She made the horse some special cupcakes.  She put oats, sugar, grated carrots, and a little bit of water and froze them.  Saxie thought they were pretty awesome.
The whole family has been pitching in to get the barn and fencing done.  The kids are getting pretty knowledgeable about t-posts and stretching a fence.  So much of the summer months are miserable for major outside chores, but the weather right now is ideal.  Our property is almost completely cross-fenced and we are looking forward to getting a piglet soon to raise for the county show next Spring.

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