Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Barn Progress

The barn is really coming along!  It is so awesome to have such an amazing husband who can just put things together so well.  The barn has also been very inexpensive so far because he is so smart. 
Saxie is so curious, she has been closeby inspecting all the work as we do it.  We won't have to worry about her as much during cold & rainy weather.  Last year we converted our carport into a shelter for her, but it faced north & didn't really help much. 
We've all been pitching in to help Daddy out.
Each side of the barn has 4 12x12 sections.  This side is workshop/office for Byron and a bay at the end for equipment parking/ animal washing.  Byron put a lot of thought into placement of things, planning for drainage, summer breezes and cool winter winds. 
The other side has 3 open stalls and a tack/feed room.
It is going to be a slow work in progress, but it is coming together.  The roof is the hardest part.  We are going to get the roof on and take some time with the inside finish out.  Byron loves tinkering on a building project when he can after work. 

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