Saturday, October 20, 2012

Busy Saturday

Big Tex burnt down Friday!  Just crazy!  The fair is not the fair without Big Tex! 
Gracie and Saxie
Ally helped Daddy build the barn most of the day.
And...Friday - Daniel broke a piece off of his finger bone.  It hurt!  The ER doctor said no more football.  Then of course, the next day his football coach (who just happens to be his Daddy) let him play the WHOLE GAME!  Crazy!  I didn't attend said game since I didn't expect my son to play and all.  I'd've been one mad mama at that Coach/Daddy had I been there to see it.  I asked Daniel if it hurt his finger and he said, "Just when a kid stepped on it once."  Nice.  Boys.  What are you gonna do?

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