Thursday, September 6, 2012

These are the days

How many million times have I been asked to watch this?  You gotta love the, "Mama watch me!"  Ally getting older reminds me that there may not be too many requests like this left.  She brought some friends over to swim after school and they opted to just stick their feet in because they didn't want to mess up their hair.
Yae wet hair!  All good things require effort!  We haven't been swimming much lately - its just too much trouble to go find your swimsuit, put it on...etc.  And it is SO stinkin' hot outside!
The dog AND the horse do not know what to make of this llama!  The horse absolutely went nuts when she arrived - running around freaked out!  She's pretty low maintence though, she likes to watch us, though and I must admit it is kind of creepy.
Abby watches for the kids.  Abby (the dog) knows each kid's name, and we have taught her to go find them by name.  It is an amazing skill.  Last week I wanted Daniel to come home for lunch.  I called and called - I thought he was in the woods behind the house.  I finally gave up and wrote a note..."Dear Daniel, If you want food, come home now.  Love, Mom."  I attached it to Abby's collar and told her to go find Daniel.  She went under the front fence, and barked down the road.  I went inside thinking, "That dumb dog, she's been napping and doesn't know Daniel is in the woods."  Sure enough Daniel was in the neighbor's house.

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