Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Enjoy Your Spring Break

If you really want to have a great Spring Break ... sleep late, read some great books, chase a llama through a pond, kiss a paint horse, eat junk food until you get a tummy ache, work hard, play hard, and spend lots of time loving on your family. Then just for a bonus, watch your mama get thrown from a horse. Okay, that last part wasn't fun at all. No major injuries... other than my pride and my patience.
It's also kinda fun to turn a horse into a zebra.
Pretend to be Tom Sawyer and Becky.
Work with llamas for the county show.
Locate all the berry vines you can and keep a look out for berry pickin' time!
Sit in the grass and daydream about little critters and their lives beneath the mushrooms.
I hope you all are enjoying the arrival of Spring! I know we are lovin' every minute of it around here!
I'd rather see one of my girls kiss a horse over a nasty boy any ol' day!

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