Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring break

We are enjoying a fun, lazy spring break around here. Gracie has been working hard with llamas all week in preparation for next week's livestock show.
We are starting to gear up for softball and baseball. Byron will be coaching Daniel this year only! Thankfully, he's not coaching more than one team this year!
Ally's been working on some art projects. Including these old shoes that got a new and bright life! They were solid white.
We've just been hanging out, playing some games and relaxing.
We are trying our best to ride the horse at least three times a week, and she is doing really well. I am hoping we'll be able to take her on some local trailrides this Spring. Other than that, we are planning to go to the movies, get started on some garden planting, and tomorrow we are taste -testing two new recipes so Gracie can choose her recipe for the county fair. More to come soon!

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