Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bible Study

God is always enough. No matter what the need. I know this. Yes, but ...sometimes I need a little extra help moving forward into my quiet time. Especially in the winter/fall! Something about colder weather makes me want to curl up and sleep later, just curl up under the covers and not get going! Cloudy, rainy days do that to me too. So... today it was a cappuccino with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate. Smile. Yes, sir, that'll take your quiet time to a whole 'nother level!

God's messin' with my quiet time ... I guess I'll let him. I have always liked deep, digging studies like a good old Beth Moore, or deep Greek lexicon based something. Something that really breaks it down, challenging, makes me answer questions, analyze, test my knowledge, brain deep, but speaking to my spirit at the same time.

It was where God had me for a season, but lately it seems like God is asking me to listen more. It's not a brain thing, Tara, it's a heart thing. Meditate on the Word. Go deep, but not brain deep, heart deep. Be still and know.

I am part of a neat online mom's accountability group from Inspired to Action. My Waco friend Kat challenged moms to get up before their kids and do their quiet times, to be ready to face the day with God before you face your family. It is unique in that I check in daily with a Facebook group (it's a closed group so only that group sees our posts). We are supposed to check in done with our study before 7am. The group offered a super simple way to get started in a little e-book with a weekly scripture that you focus on each day in different ways and some basic things to journal. When I first saw it I thought, "this is for 'beginners.'" But, God really convicted me about interacting with His word differently, simply, and with my heart not my prideful head. There is no "beginners" reading of the Bible. Every time you open it, you are interacting with a living, Holy God and His word is active, and in you. Being quiet and listening are always difficult, for some of us more than others! But, I get it God, and I'm working on it!

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