Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Spirit Who Speaks

I really, really enjoyed reading this book. The Spirit who Speaks was a really interesting book. I loved the simplicity of Peter's story. As a vicar in the Church of England, Peter began to turn to the Bible in search of something more in his walk with God. He began to see in God's word and experience for himself that God really does speak to us today.

I enjoyed reading this book because I appreciated Peter's purity in his search, it wasn't a denominational thing, or a desire to become more in God's eyes, it was just a pure, simple search to hear from God. He shared his failures and concerns in such an open and honest way. This book really made me hungry for more of God and gave me a desire to hear Him speak to me more.

A great spiritual read, supported with lots of scripture study and insight, and I would highly recommend it! It is excellent for pastors as well as the later part of the book becomes almost like a guide with practical information and Biblical guidelines. It was published after Peter Lawrence's death, but he has written several other books I'd like to look into reading as well.

You can buy the book HERE from David C. Cook for $14.99. That David C. Cook has some great books!

The Spirit who Speaks was given to me by David C. Cook and B&B Media and for the purposes of review only.

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