Wednesday, November 2, 2011

40 Days to Better Living: Hypertension

My mama should be given an honorary nursing degree. She has overseen the medical care of my sister, dad and grandmother and has learned by trial all about lots of things, especially livers and high blood pressure. My dad and sister have both had some pretty major blood pressure issues just recently. So, I gave her this book - and she told me what she thought of it. Here's what she said about it:

40 Days to Better Living: Hypertension would be good for ANYONE....not just people with hypertension (high blood pressure)...It is actually a workbook and takes you thru 40 days to manage your health...The problem with most people who may possibly have high blood pressure, is that there are never any symptoms to alert you or your Physician. It can only be detected by regular checkups, or by checking with a blood pressure machine, found in most pharmacies. IF you are diagnosed and put on blood pressure medication, it must be taken every day without fail to maintain proper levels.
"40 Days to Better Living..Hypertension" is written to be read daily, and follow the guidelines based on SEVEN STEPS , faith, medical, movement, work, emotional, family, and nutrition. The book follows through giving encouragement, and using real life stories of people who have made the journey to improve their lives and health. At the end of each day, there is a time for meditation, and prayer giving select scriptures to boost the spirit and enable you to continue the path to total wellness. This particular book was helpful to me, because my husband has been thru many "bad" episodes of high blood pressure mis-management, to the point that I rushed him to the emergency room with what we thought was a heart attack on two or three occasions, to only find out that his medication was not what he needed.

There are other books in this series, published by the Church Health Center in Memphis, Tenn, with founder, Dr. Scott Morris. They all address "40 Days to Better Living" and topics include Stress, Caregiving, Addiction, Depression, Weight Management, Diabetes, and others.

You can get a copy of 40 Days to Better Living: Hypertension HERE for $7.99

I was given this book for the purposes of review only.

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