Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Letters to a Young Pastor

Letters to a Young Pastor by Calvin Miller is a great guide to leading a church by a man with 25+ years as a pastor. It has some great pieces of advice. Byron has read several books like this, and this book was one of the most detailed and practical with advice on a depth of issues and some solid instruction. Calvin Miller gives instruction and personal stories without holding back. It seems to lack some of the love of some other books of this type Byron and I both have read. I think that is because it has a formality in the tone, like a college professor instead of a chat with a good friend, but it is balanced out by some amazing stories told with vulnerability. The stories of Calvin's struggles really made this book enjoyable to read. The letters have great honest, humor, and encouragement and this book is an excellent addition to Byron's ministry books.

I would highly recommend Letters to a Young Pastor -for a pastor of any age. It would be a great Christmas gift for a pastor with a gift card tucked in it for some extra love! ;)

You can purchase Letters to a Young Pastor for $14.99 from David C. Cook HERE.

I was given Letters to a Young Pastor by B& B Media group and David C. Cook for the purposes of review only.

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