Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Prayer Stations

We had a great time during the planning and doing of our fall youth retreat. We called it Revolution Weekend instead of D'Now. We continued our Make War theme and really talked a lot about spiritual warfare and taking thoughts captive. This prayer center focused on places where restoration or healing is needed. Students had to tack a card on the wall with a prayer request on it.

Though it doesn't look like much from this picture, this was my favorite prayer station. It focused on the underground church and had lots of pictures and stories about people in places were talking about Jesus is against the law - and stories of persecuted Christians. We used a pop up tent only 1/2 way up so you had to kind of sneak in. It was pretty dark inside, with only candles for light.

In this station students were to pray about people who they need to tell about Jesus & write their names on a card and put in the basket. They also wrote some precious thank you notes to Jesus at this station too.

Okay, this one was half gone by the time I took this picture so it doesn't look too great. We had little battery operated tea lights and mirrors on the ground. Students were to pray about the church, write a prayer for the church, and pray about the church. I put out my wedding dress for decoration and the Bride of Christ symbolism.

I was busy leading a group and didn't get to put as much time into these as I had hoped. These things always spin around in my head much more elaborately than they turn out. And...I didn't have the benefit of working on these with the assistance of my brilliant husband. We do well working together on this kind of thing. I provide the artistic vision, and he provides the practical reason.

This one is the river.

At this station you read verses about worry, then pray, asking God to convict you of worry in your life. Then, you untie a knot as a symbol of letting it go, and ask God's forgiveness for worry.

Okay again, I was in a hurry and I totally free-handed this map. This map has prayer requests from missionaries around the world during the last 24 hours. Among them, prayers for the Key family in the Middle East during the soon to come birth of their new baby! Still prayin' Cara!
We had a few more stations, they went really well. I love the different approach to worship and the interactive-ness of this idea. I love to ask people to write or draw a prayer instead of say it. It worked well to keep our sleepy teenagers moving and praising instead of sitting.

We did some paint balling during the weekend as well. My husband set up 3 compass courses in the woods and students followed points to Bible study stations on Spiritual warfare, all the while being aggressed by the enemy. It was intense, but most of us had a great time. We still haven't fully recovered.

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