Monday, October 3, 2011


I recently had the opportunity to review a digital online curriculum for churches, which was right up my alley! I love a good curriculum. MissioLife is a little different than a normal curriculum, though. MissioLife is intended to be experienced together as a community. Unlike individual devotionals designed for only one person or one learning group, MissioLife is intentional about involving everyone in your faith community. MissioLife is divided into three learning groups: children, youth and adults. With the entire church community journeying through MissioLife together, families and multi-generational communities will be able to share in this formative experience together.

This resource is discussion-driven and easy-to-use. For adults (Breathe) and youth (Image), each week you get a 3-page in depth biblical reflection to help you engage in the story of God, a 2-page facilitator’s guide to equip the leader with weekly encounter sessions and community discussions, and a 1-page participant’s handout to help everyone join in the conversation.
Rhythms is the MissioLife small group resource for children. God’s heartbeat is the rhythm of a child’s life. Rhythms invites elementary children, ages 6-12, into the story of God.

I used the Rhythms children's curriculum and it really had some great elements. Using an easy-to-follow small group plan, Rhythms will help children explore a Bible story, be informed by the narrative, and be transformed through reflective questions, deeper thinking, and purposeful prayer to live into the mission of God.

MissioLife is easy to use and I really appreciate the way it is set up topically, growing on more advanced themes. It is all digital, so you download it off of your computer. I liked how discussion-centered it is. To really check it out, visit the website HERE. You'll find sample lessons, videos and tons of information there. It is around $60, and I initially thought that was pricey, but in light of the fact that it is actually curriculum for so many age groups, that's not so bad.

I recieved MissioLife from B&B Media Group for the purposes of review only.

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