Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have avoided Pinterest. I've heard stories about its fabulousness. I knew I would love it. But, I try to limit my computer interests, not increase them. And I have TOO many interests - do I really need to pin up more? So, finally I couldn't stand it anymore & I had to go check it out. Oh mercy, what a crafty heaven! My crafty juices are flowin' and my hands are twitchin' to create some stuff! It's a medical condition with me I think - I almost get the shakes wanting to paint or craft something. I think I'll give up Facebook and replace it with Pinterest. So, I'm all crafty -inspired but so incredibly swamped with stuff to do this morning. I finally gave in and decided I would devote ONE hour to some craftiness - or risk some kind of craft-coma.

It actually took me less than an hour- hence the time to blog about it. Notice the nice garden fertilizer blessings in the background.

Add some flowers and weeds from the side yard and there you go. I think I might live to craft another day.

Now, can I just please keep the mums alive 'till maybe Thanksgiving?

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