Friday, September 9, 2011

Mirror Ball by Matt Redman

If you know much about Christian music, you've probably heard the name Matt Redman. He wrote my very favorite song, "Blessed Be the Name." I absolutely love By the Tree's rendition. He wrote "The Heart of Worship," and so many other amazing worship songs. I like books like Mirror Ball. I like a book that is like a good friend talking about their faith and how God reveals Himself to them. Neat.
I also really loved the whole "mirror ball" analogy from which comes the title. I'm probably going to steal that for a youth message sometime too. Matt tells the story of a small mirror ball at a Passion conference where he realized it was not the effort of the ball that gave the dramatic effect of beautiful reflected light, but the light shined onto the ball. We are like a tiny mirror and our job is reflecting God. In and of ourselves we have no light. But in His bright and shining light we are transformed and begin to radiate the glories of our God to the world around us. You may be feeling totally inadequate for that task. But if so, you have simply forgotten the most important part of the equation. It is not about you and your best efforts. It is the light, power and love of Christ illuminating our fragile lives.
Mirror Ball is a great book, it's a book about worship with your whole heart and life. It is readable and entertaining, but draws you closer to God. Nuff Said. I highly recommend it.

Mirror Ball was published by David C. Cook - you can purchase the book on their site HERE for $12.99, but since they asked for my honest opinion and did not compensate me for this review, I have to tell you it is only $10 on Matt Redman's website. You can visit his website here and preview some of his amazing albums, videos, and even chord charts, oh yes, and buy the book too if you want.

I was given Mirror Ball for by David C. Cook and B&B Media for the purposes of review only.

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