Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things I Love Tuesday

My parents had this great cassette tape when I was a kid. Oh stop it with the "what is a cassette tape?! It was a dramatized recording of the book of Acts, and I loved it! When we were sick we would listen to it all day. I've always loved the book of Acts because of it. These 2 CD's are kind of like that. I have really enjoyed them and so have the kids. Byron doesn't like the lady's voice, he's peculiar that way, but it has really allowed me to read and understand the book of Revelation like never before and I am totally lovin' it. And this is not a product I am reviewing, just something I ran across that I love. The Jonah CD is short - and $9. The Revelation version is pricey, $25, but so worth it, this lady is reading both books word for word NIV and a full symphony orchestra plays behind her - way cool. This LINK will take you to her page and you can actually hear some sample audio clips.

I've got this caramel latte addiction and here's my latest love.

I'll admit I am rather taken with my new morning devotional partner too. :) Before I went to get my camera she was right up next to the porch. She's kind of nosey. Maybe she wants me to read my Bible aloud to her in the mornings?

Saxie's previous owners said she is full of personality. Last night we were running around inside getting everyone ready for bed and I noticed her straining her neck to look into the window at the back fence. I walked outside and she turned quickly, nosed her food bucket, nickered, and looked at me like, "Can you take care of this right away?" She had already eaten in the morning, so I'm not sure if she was truly hungry or just manipulative, but it is hard to say no to that clear of a request!

After being outside for a while this morning, my clothes smell strongly of smoke. Wildfires continue in surrounding counties, but all are out in my county. Must be pretty bad to bring smoke this far. Send rain, Lord! I hope you are having a blessed Tuesday where you are!

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