Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Classic Randomness

Every morning I tell my kids they are the HEAD and not the TAIL... but if you are going to be the tail, or have a tail...

You might as well make it look FABULOUS! Saxie did not like this little embellishment at all and went to work swishin' it out right away.

D had his first football game this week. He loves it, especially defense. He is usually a running back. I think. I try, but mostly I'm just there to yell, "Go Daniel!"

They royally lost their game, but it was still a lot of fun.

I seem to get easily side-tracked without the kids around to keep me constantly occupied. Without them around to force structure to my day there's just so many options! I tend to just kinda bounce around from one unfinished task to the next. A morning set aside for baking turned into an artistically decorated pantry. Oh well! I'm starting to get into the groove. But I've also realized I do need some kind of a schedule to keep myself on track!

I've actually got some really fun projects (mostly student ministry related) I'll share later on in the week!

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