Friday, September 16, 2011

Giant Games!

The life of a youth pastor's wife is rarely dull. This week I created giant games for an upcoming event! Although I didn't get to do what I really wanted, which was create a gigantic chess set with paper mache . Time got away from me, and that was kind of a daunting task anyway. Someday. I have strange ambitions, huh?

I settled for a giant checker set instead. Plates hot glued together worked wonderfully and I laminated it all myself with contact paper. Everythings on top of refigerator boxes to make it tough enough to store and use again.
This is a huge twister mat made out of canvas material my grandmother had. I'll be able to fold it up and keep it pretty nicely. Although my husband wasn't real crazy about the idea of twister with a mixed group - we'll police them pretty carefully. I didn't sew this - I duct taped several pieces together and made a duct tape border to make the edges look nice. This game will be a challenge because those dots are pretty far apart.

Last but not least - a huge (unfinished in this photo) Monopoly game. My favorite part is the Go square which reads, "In these here parts ain't nobody gettin' sumthin for nothin'! If ya'll is wanting $200 you better run yoself around this here gameboard 2X!"

Chance cards read: "Cows out on the road - lose turn." or "You just found out your girlfriend is your second cousin, go back 2 spaces." We are going to play some giant volleyball and eat giant amounts of junk food. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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