Thursday, September 1, 2011

Droughts and Floods

Weather patterns are such spiritual things. The wind, the storm, one of my all time favorite Bible stories is the story of how God spoke to Elijah not of these amazing weather situations, but with a Still Small Voice. Love that.

Droughts and floods are such strong spiritual parables. I love to really get into a Bible story and think about the physical situations surrounding it! Despite a sprinkle once, we are basically around 70 days without any real rain. I know I've already posted some pictures of the terrible cracks all over my yard, but they just amaze me! We could literally make it a walk through maze out there, and they just keep getting wider and wider despite our best attempts to water. Most of the stock tanks (you might call 'em ponds) around here are dry and many of our friends have lost cattle or horses because they have gotten stuck in the muck trying to get to the remaining water.
It just brings new meaning to 2 Kings 17 - Elijah and the 3 years with no rain! How critical it would be without running water, backhoes to dig man-made ponds, and drills to dig deeper for water. Amazing to think about the implications of a period without rain to Biblical peoples isn't it?

It's so funny to drive down the road and spot in each yard the septic tank, the only green patch left!

Except these little evil boogers - Mesquite trees! Popping up and thriving everywhere! They're covered with thorns and not easy to pull up! Interestingly, they don't go much further north from this point in Texas. My dad was explaining that they originally were only in Mexico, and the cattle drives brought them north - they have little berries that were eaten by cattle, and thus became "planted" along the trip to the central Texas rail-lines. Interesting, huh?

These poor things are starving. They drank the sugar water from this picture in less than 3 days! We have about 6 -10 out there all day.

I was just have these deep, spiritual musings on the drought, when I read my friend's blog post about the same topic. Go HERE to read it. She and her AMAZING family are missionaries in the Middle East so drought is huge to them - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

By the way - rain is predicted for Saturday AND Sunday! I am praying that God rain down his love, grace, and mercy on your family as well! My you experience a FLOOD of His presence!

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