Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Ultimate in Shopping with Shay

My friend Shay is a master bargain finder! She loves to find bargains and share her findings with others! I told her my dilemma -we wanted a super cheap horse, but we also wanted a very kid-friendly beginner horse. Most horses advertised as "kid friendly" seemed to be either half -dead or WAY too expensive for our budget. So, my friend Shay heard about a horse needing a new home. This horse, named Saxie, turned out to be the perfect fit for our family! She is a beautiful horse, and of course, the kids fell instantly in love with her.
She hadn't been ridden in quite a while, but she did VERY well.

She is such a calm and friendly horse, and she is certainly going to get a lot of attention around here!
Even Daniel got to go for a ride. She reins and listens to commands so well, definitely an excellent beginner horse. Did I mentioned earlier that she was free? It was really important to her family that she go to a good home where she will get lots of love and attention. They didn't want to sell her to just anybody.

I think they made the right choice, and so did we. Is there such thing as too much love and attention? Can you say spoiled? She has already learned about the apple-flavored treats the kids have stuffed in their pockets. Poor horse is going to have to find a spot in the woods for some quiet time and to get away from everyone. I guess you know what we'll be up to on this long weekend!

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