Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raising Parents

I've never liked the phrase, "Raising teenagers is like pinning Jello to the wall." Who said that? I don't really agree with that at all. But - to really understand the phrase, you should try raising my parents. My word. I have never heard a more appropriate phrase to describe my parents than this. Jello they are: sweet, mysterious, and wonderful - but REALLY hard to pin down. In my house the kids know better than to include Max and Nana with "when" in the same question. Most conversations about my parents end in us all joining in a chorus of our famous family phrase, "You never know with Max and Nana!"

They will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary today. Probably very few couples have spent as much time together as they have...and stayed married. They have a really great marriage, and have been a model and help to many other marriages - especially mine. I still remember coming home from a date to find them cuddled up together on the couch. They'd still cuddle on the couch, but that wouldn't leave enough room for magnifying glasses, toothpicks, pens, tweezers, remote controls, sudoku puzzles, and laptops that take up most of their lap-space. So these days they opt for dual recliners with large floor lamps beside them.

They have always had a free-spirited lifestyle gallivanting all over on adventures and travels, their lives are full of interesting experiences! Most people their age are really old - but they are so incredibly young! My dad has never been old enough to be a grandpa or a pop or papaw, so the kids just call him Max.

We wanted to do something really great for them for this amazing anniversary. But - like I said. Jello. They can't be pinned down. They took off their anniversary week for California - I heard some talk about Canada and Alaska - which probably means I'll get a call from Pennsylvania or Florida in a couple of days.

We had a quick family get together and Mom dug out her original cake topper and her wedding dress - handmade by my grandmother (just so you know, it was once white).

We celebrated appropriately enough in the house where their reception was held 50 years ago. Someone suggest we turn off the air conditioning and pack in another 150 people for the authentic experience, but we just enjoyed a quiet night. Complete with a wedding cake face smash - just for fun. She smashed it in his face 50 years ago - so he got her back.

If I had my way we'd've had a splashy event, big party with all the people who love them, and we would've sent them on a cruise to Hawaii (the only US state they haven't visited) but... you know, one attribute they have exihbited their whole life is contentment. You never catch them saying, "I wish... or If only." Wait, maybe that's not the contentment - maybe that's because they don't wish - they just take off and do.

I'm teasing a bit, but if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know what an amazing blessing my parents are to me. So - to paraphrase the blessing my dad says on every special event; "Mom and Dad, May this be the MOST BLESSED year of your marriage so far - and only the beginning of all the wonderful things God has in store for you!" We Love you VERY much! Have fun in California, or Minnesota, or Florida - where ever you end up this week.

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