Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Week Minus Boys

The boys are still gone on a mission trip to Colorado, so the girls and I have had a fun week without them. It is amazing how much less laundry, cleanin, and cooking needs to be done with only two less people in the house. Is it because they are boys? We picked some wild grapes this week so my aunt could make some grape jelly. They were very sweet, but we either waited too late or they were up too high to get to - we didn't get very many.

We stood on ladders in the back of a truck, but we got all we could.

Before Ally came home Monday, Gracie and I had a great time shopping and eating frozen yogurt at 3 Spoons in Waco. Gracie is a hand-me-down kid with an older sister and lots of older girl cousins, so it is a rare thing that she gets to choose her clothes from a store. Most of her clothes come from the cousins in big, black trashbags! But, hey, we like that - there's usually some pretty great stuff in there!

We had to splurge and buy a pillow pet to get her excited about church camp in 2 weeks. Ally said all the cool kids had them this year. :)

That's about all that is happening here on the face of the sun (AKA Texas). It is unbearably hot, I think the pool might evaporate completely today - or boil off -one of the two. We have one week of summer normal before all kinds of crazy activity breaks out with another round of camps and other events.

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Quiltingranny said...

We are enjoying a childless week. My grands are away with their mom and hubby and I are bored to tears...takes 3 days to fill up the trash, laundry or dishwasher and then home and to camp. It is a great way to recharge!