Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Stuff and LINKS

I have been able to really enjoy some great books this summer! I think it is the Nook - it makes me want to read more. Right now I am lovin' reading the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers. I love books that take me back to the Bible for more information.

Really cool -decorating/art idea using LEGOs -(our boy's favorite thing in the world) for a little boy's room. HERE at mini matisse.

I also loved this little tutorial for cooking meat on the grill - with an awesome test to determine if a steak is well done, medium, or rare. Way cool. HERE at giverslog. Giverslog always is a great blog for some neat ideas - especially for gifts! I love her idea for the perfect hostess gift! HERE What a great idea to bring your hostess something she can eat for breakfast! The last thing she wants to do is cook again in the morning!

I'm really stumped because I got a fired up email about how we should all boycott Home Depot because of all the terrible things they are doing. But, I really need some stuff. I've got some projects I'd like to do. The nearest home improvement store OTHER than Home Depot is like over an hour.

Here's a really neat link to a site where you can figure out your children's love languages! Really neat! Knowing my kids love language will really revolutionize your relationship.

Here's a neat to a great site for travel printables to keep kids entertained on the road in an old-fashioned non-electronic way.

Well, how's that for a random hodge-podge of stuff?

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