Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's traditions? Sweet notes and heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. For the last few years we have drawn names just from among our family and made homemade cards and little notes for several days and put them in our Valentine mailbox. We pretend it is a secret thing, but it doesn't take much to figure out who has who. It's a good tradition to take the focus away from GIFTS and put it back on sweet notes! I like the simple holidays like that. What happened to Easters where you only got a couple of hard-boiled eggs? Mercy, have our local stores been taken over by the Valentine mess! I think Walmart dedicated about 8 aisles! It's just too much! They'll be pulling out the Easter baskets and bunnies by the weekend!

We sure did have some awesome Valentine's weather - in the mid 70's! We played outside in shorts! The great weather should continue all week! We are starting to get some hiking fever around here! The weather means a change of sports. Only two more basketball games and we'll be done with winter sports for a while. Ally is working hard in her daily routine of pitching and batting off the tee everyday. She enjoys listening to audiobooks on her Ipod while she is at it.

Since Daniel is about to start baseball again, he is practicing too. He is listening to Stuart Little on a Playaway. They each have a bucket of balls and they switch off batting and throwing.

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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