Saturday, February 12, 2011

Radical Prayer

We had such a great time this week celebrating prayer. We had a 3 day fast with lots of great corporate worship, a boiler room, and we ended it all with an incredible prayer rally Friday.

A boiler room is a room set up with creative ideas for personal prayer time, basically stations for people to go to for specific prayer focus. The church boiler room was amazing for kids - just to focus on a single prayer need in a creative way. Most of the stations included, drawing, writing out a prayer, or doing some sort of activity - very interactive.

My children have really enjoyed these great "different" ways to encounter God! Kids need to be able to express themselves to God by drawing, action, writing, or other creative ways! My kids are learning that prayer and praise are not PASSIVE activities! Maybe even more importantly they are learning to listen for God's voice.

Our prayer rally was such an amazing experience! We prayed for the nations mapped out on the floor and among other things we bounced around 100 beach balls around and when the music stopped gathered up to pray for a need written on each. Such a creative time of praying for kids and adults! My kids are most blessed by having college students gather around and pray for them. Daniel said, "I felt like I was famous!" Their passion for God is so intense and contagious - I'm so blessed to have them pouring into my kids!

All 3 kids decided to fast this week from something. We let them seek God about what to fast from. It was surely a challenge! 1 chose to fast from media (which actually meant everyone fasted from media). 1 chose to do a Daniel fast, although some members of the family thought that meant fasting from a certain little brother, it was actually a fruit and vegetable fast. And 1 chose to fast from snacks and sweets. I am amazed at how greatly they were affected by this fast. At the very least it brought greater appreciation for the right things in life. We were careful to replace the thing fasted from with more time with God and prayer too!

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Quiltingranny said...

What a wonderful way to teach children about prayer and fasting. I had never heard of the term boiler room, thank you for sharing!