Thursday, February 10, 2011

100th day of school

Today was our 100th day of school - probably - okay I kinda guessed. Shh. Don't tell the kids - its around here sometime. We did Daniel's favorite 100th day activitiy - a Lego competition where you must build something with 100 poeces.

Everyone brought a collection of 100 things. Gracie brought 100 horse items.

Daniel brought 100 cars.
Ally brought 100 markers - I can't get her picture to turn around right!

Other 100 day activities - there are so many!:

  • Draw a self portrait and crumple it to make a 100 year old portrait of themselves.

  • 100 piece mosaic using construction paper pieces or squares

  • Make 100 cents using different coins

  • clip together 100 paper clips and measure things with them

  • Make graphs from 100 candies - m&m's, gummies, (graph by color)

  • Estimating activities: Put out 4-5 items in various bowls and have kids estimate how many - only one has 100 in it.

  • How much water is in 100 ice cubes? How long does it take for 100 ice cubes to melt?\

  • 100 items snack mix is always fun.

  • make a book of 100 things we love - with pictures or magazine cut outs

  • take a 100 step walk and let each child estimate where you will be before

  • 100 exercises, bounce a ball 100 times

  • String 100 fruit loops (put a cut straw between each group of 10)

  • We always do some fun writing assignments -or just lunch conversations - What would you do with $100? I wish I had 100 _____. I can eat 100 ____. I would not want 100 ____.

  • Think of 100 action verbs, nouns, math problems

So many ideas. So little time. A few years ago we celebrated Ally's 1000th day of school, (5th graders). We had lots of fun with that one, too!

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