Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dud Snow Day

Well all the local schools cancelled today because of... well I'm not sure. We just do that in Texas when it gets cold. It was 80 degrees just 3 days ago. So, anyway, theres no snow or ice and just cold -around 20 degrees. I am always torn about snow days. It's a great memory and so fun to declare a snow day and I want my kids to have that, but I also want them to get done with their courses before June. So, we generally kind of do a little school - the REALLY big things like math and reading.
We were highly disappointed when the weather was just boring. So, I got out the Instant Snow I had been saving and we made our own. Oh, well - not exactly snowman worthy or too fabulous but we sprinkled it around a bit. We did actually see 2 or 3 flurries that caused some excitement and it was fun to find some icicles. We'll see what the evening holds.
I am fully recovered from a monster virus that almost killed me Sunday, but all these major disruptions have gotten us so off track in our school schedule. Oh well, go with the flow.

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