Friday, February 4, 2011

REAL Snow Day

After a week of really cold temperatures (low 20's) we finally got some real snow, about 3 inches. The weatherman says this is all we are getting, so the kids got an early start enjoying it.

Friday is our Homeschool Co-op day, and with everything cancelled this truly is a real snow day. We are making hot chocolate, daddy's working from home, and we are working our way through soaking every article of warm clothing we own. Fun, fun! I predict by the end of the day we'll have 3 very large piles of wet socks, pants, gloves, hats, and sweaters. But that's okay, we only get this maybe 3 times a year at most!
When I was a kid my family moved from Texas to Illinois. When the first snow came, the whole family ran out acting like crazy Texans, playing like lunatics. Neighbors thought we were crazy. Then somone told us it was going to be around a couple of months. I love to see the snow, but I'm kinda glad this will only be around a couple of days - if that.

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