Wednesday, October 13, 2010

State Fair of Texas

We had a fun time at the State of Texas Fair! I have fond memories of going to the fair with my family every year when I was little, so it was especially fun to experience it with my kids. We made some fun memories!

The State Fair is an awesome field trip since on the fairgrounds there is a natural history museum, nature/science museum, Texas history museum, railroad museum, conservatory, aquarium and so, so much more. If you can just find the energy to get to it all.

Sibling Love.
For some reason the food vendors at the fair have an obscene obsession with deep frying. They actually sell sticks of butter deep fried...and people were lining up to eat it. THIS most awesome food ever is fried cookie dough -and let me tell you it was WONDERFUL! I also had fried frito pie, which was quite good as well. They had fried alligator, fried lemonade, dr. pepper, beer, cheesecake, Snickers, bacon, PB&J sandwiches, guacamole, Twinkies, smores, and pop tarts and that is just the short list. You name it, they were deep frying it. Still not sure HOW they do it. How do you fry liquids like that?

Gracie and Daniel loved the natural history museum.

We went to all kinds of dog shows, a petting zoo, BMX show, and pretty much walked all over that place 'till our feet hurt.

The butterfly habitat is always fun - though we usually get in trouble for running around and chasing butterflies or something.

And every trip to the Fair is not complete without spending like $5 to ride some cheesy ride. I so hate Fair Midways, but Daniel and Daddy went down the slide and Daddy and the girls rode on the World's Tallest Ferris Wheel. Aren't fairs crazy? All food and rides are paid for with coupons and the whole system is a racket to take advantage of people with poor math skills. People don't compute the fact that 10 coupons = $5 and blindly overpay.

Of course behind that delighted smile is a little boy whose Daddy had to come up to the top and pray with him before he would make the slide down. :) His Daddy didn't mind a bit.

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