Monday, October 11, 2010

In the Middle

We try so hard not to let our Gracie get lost in the middle. She is the classic middle child; peacemaker, easy-going, avoids conflict, and full of randomness. Currently our other two monopolize a lot of Daddy's time with sports and it breaks his heart to tell her, "No, not tonight, I have to pitch with Ally," or "We have to go to Daniel's game." So, Daddy and Gracie planned a special morning to spend together - just the two of them.

Gracie is our nature girl. After reading the latest American girl books about Laney, she is currently into birdwatching, bugs, flowers, animals, and science and all things nature. So, she and Daddy got up at 6am to go to a nearby Arboretum to be still and go birdwatching. Daddy gave her a present of special binoculars just for her, and after some donuts for breakfast they were off. They had a fun time as they walked and talked and spent time together!

B is such a great Daddy, but I think birdwatching might be just a bit out of his comfortzone. Give him an end-zone, a zone defense... ok, I'm lost - fill in other cleverly phrased sports terms here ...but a bird watcher? I kinda quizzed him a bit about his plans - his strategy was just to pour love into her, walk slowly, notice everything, listen lots, and let her lead. Those are some of the very hardest things for him to do - but he does it well for a good cause and it was worth every minute!

It was a simple, inexpensive sacrifice of an early morning. Isn't that the way it is with our Heavenly Father? He just wants some of the same things. He wants you to slow down, talk to Him, listen to him, LET HIM LEAD. And your time given to Him will be truly priceless for you both!

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