Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Dates

10 -10 -10! That's got to be the cause for something cool! Our day started with 10 silverdollar pancakes (Daddy shaped them like a 10)! Each kid got a $10 bill to spend at the fair. We always look for a fun way to make a memory! There are only 2 more of these dates over the next 2 years 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 - after that it'll be a mighty long time! All those kids born in 2000 have an extra bonus of their age corresponding as well! It set us to some thinkin' - our oldest will be 15 on 12-15-12 -that's pretty cool. I'll never forget when my grandmother made a big deal out of my "Golden Birthday" - (when your age is the same of the date of your birthday).

I always enjoy the riddle that our 2 youngest are 1 year apart, but 2 years apart. Gracie was born the first week of 2001 and Daniel the LAST week of 2002.

Not only are we gearing up for 4 cousin's parade of birthdays, we have 2 of our kid's spiritual birthdays coming up shortly. We celebrate those! And next month our wedding anniversary -19 years! That's a lotta cake eating.

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