Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art Sites

Here are some Great Art Sites! Summer is a great time to really spend some time on Art projects! One thing I have always hated about art classes is forcing kids to hurry! Art is something that really should be lingered over, the best works are often done and redone, and kids all work at different paces. Summer where we live is also HOT - so indoor art projects are ideal! These three on-line sites are great because they are mess free!

We found a great art site here -we especially liked the sand painting! This was our favorite of these three!

A neat Art Pad site here

And a really interesting site with a design a tile program here -This would be great for a study of tesselations!

I am gearing up with all kinds of fun projects for my homeschool co-op class I'll be teaching in the fall. It is an Art History class geared to 2-4th grades. I'll be sharing soon some of the great things we will discover in this class! The first thing we will do is to make some paint the primitive way with egg yolks and crushed rock. Then we will paint on some homemade paper in the Papyrus tradition! It is going to be a really neat class because it will focus on experiencing art, appreciating how it is made, not as much on creating art of our own.

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