Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abby Speaks

Hi, my name is Abby Ayers. I am a 1 year old yellow labrodor retriever and I am head of ranch security at the Ayers household. The way I see it, if I wasn't around these people wouldn't know what to do. My main goal in life is to be near the Alpha Dog, although I am really passionate about chasing squirrels, cats, and men with mowers. I have 1 superpower and that is Destruction. It's just a talent of mine, really.

Here I am last Christmas. The family gave me about 10 toys and in about 30 minutes they were all just a pile of stuffing and pieces. I ate most of them, (paper included) they didn't taste that great really, but I didn't complain, it was Christmas after all. If you'll notice from the photo, in my younger days I even liked to chew on coffee table legs. I am really ashamed of that chicken I ate last Spring, but we won't talk about that. I can completely eat a LARGE size rawhide bone in about half an hour, for most normal big dogs it takes weeks to eat one of those! My people once timed me and I can eat an entire tennis ball in less than 30 minutes!

So, I have been asked by the family to review a product. I'm all about helping out, so I was happy to take a look at a neat new toy called the Crazy Critter! We had all seen them on TV and thought they might be GREAT! But the family knows how I destroy ALL toys so they didn't feel too good about this one holding up. I was a little disappointed that this particular toy fox didn't have any stuffing in it because pulling out that stuffing and spreading little puffs of it all over the house is one of the best parts of getting a new toy! The family REALLY liked that no stuffing part, though.

My favorite part of this toy was the TWO squeakers! I TOTALLY LOVED that! It was awesome! Until about 30 minutes when I ate the 1st squeaker. It really held up well though because it took me over 2 hours of constant chewing to get both squeakers out. Even without the squeakers, I LOVE this toy! I have really tried and I can't rip it into bits! Sure, I pulled off the nose and a couple other body parts, but it is pretty durable! And another cool thing about this toy is that it is long -like 22 inches long so you can really sling it around, toss it, and drag it all over the place. I totally love that!

However, after about 4 days here's what the Crazy Critter looks like. I ate its face off and it is pretty nasty. I need to hide it because my people are pretty grossed out by it and I know that the Mama is going to throw it away if she finds it again. So, it didn't last a whole week even, but that is 4 1/2 days longer than most of my toys!

I have never enjoyed a toy as much as this one! So, overall I would HIGHLY recommend this toy, and my people would too. And that is because MOST dogs aren't like me. It would be great for NORMAL dogs. But, as I said before, I have superpowers, so my experiences are certainly not typical.

If you would like to purchase a CrazyCritter go HERE. They are $10, and hasn't your dog been a good dog lately?

My owners were provided with the Crazy Critter by MamaBuzz and TeleBrands for the purposes of MY review only. Only fuzzy toy foxes were harmed the purposes of review. No REAL foxes faces were gnawed off for this review.

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