Saturday, June 26, 2010

Homemade Laundry Soap Results

I shared with you 2 months ago my LAUNDRY EXPERIMENT. My 1st batch of laundry soap lasted me for 9 weeks - AND I gave almost a whole bottle of it away to my mom for her approval as well. That's pretty good, it certainly has been nice not to have to buy laundry soap for a while. Tonight I am mixing up batch #2 with the ingredients I still have on hand from before.

Overall, I did have a few problems with the smell not being quite as strong. It seems I do need to use a really good quality fabric softener just to make our laundry smell as great as I would like it to. I heard from a repairman that liquid fabric softener is really hard on High Efficiency washing machines, apparently it leaves a residue on the drum of the machine. I have been buying GAIN fabric softener sheets and the laundry smells great.

So, I would say the homemade laundry soap has been a success. Excellent stain removal and whitening. Fair in the smell department - maybe I should use a different bath soap in the recipe. My ONE complaint really is that it is incredibly messy! I think it is thicker than most or something. I kept it in an old laundry bottle, but it made a mess all drippy and got on my nerves. I finally started leaving it in the 5 gallon bucket and dipping it out with a measuring cup. That seems to work.

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