Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gracie plays Basketball

Gracie read a book about a girl who plays basketball a month or so ago and has been wanting to be on a team for a while. So, she is playing at the YMCA. We don't play a whole lot of basketball around our house because we are a bit obsessed with the smaller balls hit with bats and caught with gloves.
They had one practice and then a game. It was a bit of a mess - playing too with boys up to age 12; I would've been a little overwhelmed. I don't think she was really sure what she was getting into at first, but she really loved it. Amazingly, she was really aggressive and sticking those elbows out and played pretty well. AND this from the kid who hates to play UNO because there are all those "mean cards" where you have to make other people draw 2 or 4 cards or lose a turn!

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