Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grown Chickens

Remember all my posts HERE about our science project hatching eggs in the incubator? Well, somehow the chicks hatched and have never left. So, our backyard has become their home. We know if any of them are roosters (we should know in a couple months) they will have to find a new home.
I kind of waffle about what I am going to do with them. Truth is, I am really attached to them. They are getting huge! Our kids are really easy going, they tolerate them and the chores associated with their care. I think they wouldn't mind getting rid of them - or eating them for that matter. We all want to find out if they are hens or roosters and experience them laying eggs, too. So, I guess, they are here to stay for a while. Byron is not a fan to say the least.
This one is the boss. They aren't serving any purpose at this point in their lives. Hey, chickens eat lots of bugs - isn't that a good thing? Now that they have outgrown the broody box and can range about freely, they aren't much trouble and they aren't that messy.

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Angela said...

Eat their eggs. They are so good. Much better than store bought