Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They're Hatching!

After a full day of IMPATIENT waiting - some of our chicks FINALLY hatched about 8:30 tonight! Some of our friends were here to share the event and we had 7 kids and some parents crowded around the incubator watching the excitement.
A yellow one...

And a black one with really big eyes! They are so cute! It was really incredible to watch! What a great experience! I think the kids are going to have trouble sleeping. There were 20 eggs in all -one more is poking through his shell, we've heard peeps from some others; so we will see how many more hatch out over the next couple of days.
We peeped and clucked at them all evening trying to encourage them to come out. We watched you tube videos like this one to learn how to cluck properly.

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