Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Review: Love Your Heart

Book Name: Love Your Heart
by: Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas
Ages: 4-10
Price: $16.99
Put out by: Tommy Nelson
For more information or to purchase go HERE
We had such a great time reading this book! With her recent illness, Gracie just needed to curl up with some good old words of affirmation and this book is full of just that! I love books like this - that speak to insecurities and reassure. In the book, Katie is feeling a little unsure of her gifts and talents and her daddy gives her plenty of love and encouragement. In the end the daughter makes a self-less choice and finds out that one of her greatest talents is her ability to love others.
It is a great message, and I love when the daddy turns her to God to reveal what is best.
My kids loved the beautiful illustrations and spunky little daughter in the story. This is the kind of book that is good to have around when you need to pull a little one into your lap for some extra love. This is actually the 2nd book about this daughter and daddy -so we are going to have to find the first!
We all highly recommend this book! We loved it and we are grateful for the opportunity to review it. You can go HERE to see a flip version of the beginning of the book.
Love Your Heart was provided by Mama Buzz and Tommy Nelson for the purposes of review only.

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