Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Watched Egg Never Hatches

Still no babies. Now Gracie know what it's like when you are waiting for a baby to be born...and the due date arrives...and you wait in nervous anticipation. Lots of wiggling eggs, but none of them have broken through. Did you know an egg is designed to hold 8 lbs before it cracks? No wonder it takes so long to break through that shell! The eggs seem to actually be responding to the kids when they make peeping noises. They really will start moving around when they hear them.
We have finished school and chores and now we are just watchin' a bit of foghorn leghorn -my husband feels that our kids have been deprived by not being exposed to this classic. See why I try not to listen to his input too much when it comes to educational matters? He felt it was an important part of their education to learn about Foghorn leghorn. Plus, now they'll understand why their daddy always says, "Boy, you, you, I say, you just ain't right!" in that Foghorn Leghorn drawl.
Did I mention the incubator is in the front bathroom? Kinda weird, I know, but it is a HUGE bathroom with a very long counter and it was a good place to keep them in a stable temperature, where they wouldn't be disturbed.

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Teresita Darling said...

This is why blogging is so cool- a secret window into other people's husbands and bathrooms. That didn't sound right. Hopefully you can figure out what I mean.